Travel sketching
Decorative and trompe l'œil
12 rue de Paris
78460 Chevreuse

Decorative and ‘trick the eye’ painting is a fabulous job that brings me great satisfaction.

The combination of technical skills, playing with light and shade, space and colour, plus close collaboration with my clients on common projects, has been the driving force of my activity for many years.

Every project, large or small, is unique, tailored to the location and how it is to be expressed. I perform the work after making one, or several, smallscale versions of the design, together with an estimate, which is the only way that my clients can assess the work and its value. If the project is extensive, then I will also issue a work schedule. No mysteries involved apart from technical skill and the conception!

The house paints I use (technical data for which are available) are formulated to resist steam, humidity, sunlight, wind and frost.  They are modern micro-porous products which replicate the properties of traditional paints. Often I blend my own pigments to obtain the desired effect.  These I also guarantee.  The painted surface can be cleaned with a soft damp sponge.

My artist’s name ISWIZ  is a composite of Isabelle and Wizzard

I am proud member of  La Maison des Artistes, rue des Flandres, Paris, under registration number C406720: This is my guarantee and yours for a recognised professional skill.

Thank you for your interest. Enjoy your visit to my website, which is organised by category. For more information, please telephone or write. Your enquiries will be most welcome.  See you soon!.

For you to have an idea of the work and prices per square metre, here are indications :
Panoramic painting : 180 €/m2. Cellings ± 240 €/m2. Fake wood or marble : ± 150 €/m2